PKF Studios - The Hanging Hour (Stormy)

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PKF Studios - The Hanging Hour (Stormy)

PKF Studios - The Hanging Hour (Stormy)

Shauna waited patiently as the contestant before her finished her round. Literally, she was finished...pissing herself and head---17 minutes it took. Shauna was nervous. This would be the first and last time she was on such a big hit TV show like "The Hanging Hour".

The introduced her, and she was up on stage--in the spot lights for all to see.

Her crime was minor, but death was always the sentence. She knew she was lucky to get on this show and if she could outlast Alice---the previous contestant, she would win her husband an awesome prize. Of course, she has to last 18 minutes. Once she pissed herself, the clock would stop.

Up on the podium, she was supported by the noose around her neck and the rope harness around her. The harness bound her wrists in front of her, and when down, through her pussy lips and up her ass.

Once she dropped, she realized what the harness was for. As he slow hanged, she could pull up on her wrists, digging the rope into her pussy, giving herself pleasure as she strangled.

Shauna went on like this for quite some time, bringing herself orgasms as she slowly lost air. But, after a while, she could no longer intake any oxygen and was loosing control. Drool poured out her mouth, her muscles twitches and she was a ragdoll on a rope.

Her last look at the clock and she knew she beat Alice's time. She let go and all her piss poured out and she was dead.

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PKF Studios - The Hanging Hour (Stormy)