PKF Studios - Groundhog Day (Jizzabelle, Fallon)

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PKF Studios - Groundhog Day (Jizzabelle, Fallon)

PKF Studios - Groundhog Day (Jizzabelle, Fallon)

It has been over 400 days of the same day. Over and over he was repeated this day. Every day, at 7am, his alarm would go off, and the day would start over. The same bitch of a girlfriend would wake him up by smacking him in the chest. She would be in a rush to get dresses and meet her sister. He would be groggy and barely able to get his robe on. Later at work, he answered the same phone calls day after same day.

He wanted to die.

And, then, something different happened. He realized, he could change things. He realized, he could changed anything in any way and it would not matter.

Today when he woke up, he felt like a new man. Something was different and he was not going to let this feeling pass. This time, when she woke up, he made a difference.

He attacked her--latching onto her throat, the hate filled him. All the years of bitching at him with her whinny Jersey accent. And, for the last 400 or more days, hearing the same thing over and over. He had enough and he took it out in full force, throttling her until she was a lifeless dead bitch. He shoved her dead body off the bed, then there was a knock on the door. Her sister.

He opened the door, flinging her into the room and forced her to suck his cock as she cried and whined about her sister, laying dead and cooling on the floor behind him. He fucked her throat until she gagged over and over, then tossed her on the floor. He lifted her dress, pulled her panties to the side and fucked her over her dead sisters body. She was yelling and crying so he reached around and snapped her neck. Now he was fucking her dead body and he liked it.

7am. And the day was new again. No bodies. He was in the clear. and he had plans.

He told the bitch he had a present for her. She was happy for once---until he pulled out the knife. Before she could fully react, he plunged it into her heart. She skid off the knife to the floor, barely alive for a moment, then faded away.

The sister was at the door, do he welcomed her to the partly. More forced oral, then he made her strip and stabbed her in the belly. As she lay suffering, he could not help but thing---this is the best day ever. He plunged the knife into her breast and she arched back and then died.

When he woke up, he did not mince words. He yanked her out of bed, gun in her face, forcing her to suck his cock--she was terrified and he loved it. She was getting her comeuppance for once.

When the sister came, he turned it into a quick sister sister make out session then had them both licking and sucking his cock at gun point. But, soon the fun was over and he made one sister watch as he shot the other--his girlfriend. She looked down at the hold in her tummy, confused, then he ripped two more shots into her breast and chest. She flew back on the bed, suffering for a bit, then dead.

He turned his attention to her sister. Her arms in the air, like she just don't care--but he knew she cared and after a moment of staring at her, shot her in the breast. She fell onto the couch, clutching her wound in pain, blood oozing out. He let her suffer for a but, then lifted her skirt and shot her in the pussy. She suffered immensely before finally going into that good night.

he was exhausted, so he cleared off his bed by shoving his dead girlfriend to the floor--again, then curled up for a nights sleep and another new day.

Only, when he woke up, it was a new day--but not the same day. Tme had moved forward. The bodies were still in his apartment. Cold and dead. Oh fuck.

No worries. he decided to make the best of it.

He fucked his dead girlfriends cool corpse--took a break to fuck her sisters dead, agape, mouth, then back to the girlfriend until finally shooting his load all over her.

He was done, done with everything and made that known, leaving his apartment littered with bodies and questions that will forever be unanswered.

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PKF Studios - Groundhog Day (Jizzabelle, Fallon)