Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fuck Her Corpse 5 (Ashlee)

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Peachy Keen Films-Fuck Corpse 5

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fuck Her Corpse 5 (Ashlee)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fuck Her Corpse 5 (Ashlee)

Ashlee wanted revenge. The douchebag she was fucking right now, had murdered her husband--had him killed by his band of thugs. This guy, the guy whose cock she sucked and whole she was now getting her brains fucked out by--was the head crime boss.

After the sex, she went off to freshen up.

He knew there was something familiar about her. He couldn't place it, but checked her purse. He pulled out the 357 revolver and unloaded it.

She came back. They shared a drink and now the conversation got interesting. She was asking him about his work---about what he did. He tried to be vague, but she pushed, and he figured she must know anyhow.

She did.

She got up, reached into her purse and had the gun pointing right at his head. She blabbered something about killing her husband and how she had double insurance. He didn't care. He just showed her the bullets right after her gun went "click".

She was fucked.

He whipped an Uzi out, pointing right at her. She just smiled, pulled at a dinking fucking switchblade knife. She had balls, he thought. Then, he fired.

She crashed hard to the ground, but was still alive. All the rounds went into her belly. She managed to get back up, still holding the knife. Rat-tat-tat--he let her have it again, this time filling up her right breast.

Down again she went, but still, she manages to stand back up.

He sweeps her across the abdomen--figuring that will finish her. But, slowly, with pain and sweat, she manages to get up--stands before him, grimacing, determined--holding that knife.

3 final shots in the center of her chest, and she was down. Dead. Not gonna get back up this time.

He fucked her on the bed a couple ways until he cam on her ass.

Later, back at his office, he realized what she had meant by double insurance. He quickly called his boys to go dig her up and bring her to him.

She was sitting in a chair wrapped in a white bloody sheet when he arrived from lunch. he looked her over. What a mess. He tilted her head forward--cum poured out. His men must have fucked her every-way before dumping her.

He looked her over--searched for whatever she had. She was in rigger.

Examining on of her feet, he discovered it. A micro recorder. She had meant to bait him into a confession. She must have known she was on a suicide mission. He respected her for that---she had cojones.

He had her taken to the morgue and cleaned up. He arrived a few hours later to look her over. She was so attractive to him--even in death. He had to have her. So, he fucked her again, several ways until he came all over her belly. Then he left.

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fuck Her Corpse 5 (Ashlee)