Dark Rooms - Black Crane 2

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Dark Rooms - Black Crane 2

As the Black Crane sat on her hotel bed waiting for the envelope with the info of her newest target. She was enjoying some strawberries dipped in chocolate with her sharp knife while watching a gory horror flick. She hears a knock on the door and a white envelope with a black crane on it is slipped through underneath the door. Inside was the info of her newest target:
Target Name: Maryanne Sevesto
Age: 50
Work Details: She is a lawyer
Home address: 28 Falcon St.
Coltanier City
Family Status: She is a widow. A mother of one.
Child Name: Timmy Sevesto
Age: 22
Orders: You were hired for this assignment because of your reputation in the underworld. The client wants this target to be taken out because she is a lawyer that is in the pocket of the Reaperaro mob family. They dont follow the citys laws. They bring in illegal drugs into the city. That is among many things that they are involved in. Maryanne helps them stay out of jail. Take your target out by any kill method you choose. Kill any witnesses if they are above the age of 18. Notify the Tidy Up Service to help tidy things up after you have taken out your target.

The Black Crane looked over every detail about Maryanne. Maryanne was the first 50-year-old woman that the Black Crane had to take out. She was curious to see if that woman had sexy feet and legs even for her age.

Maryanne was a sweet mom. However she was a shady lawyer. Bad karma caught up to her.The Black Crane learned that Maryanne liked to jog on her day off from work. She liked to jog in jogging tights and a pink shirt. It helped her still feel young and attractive. Even at her age. The Black Crane was only interested in what was below Maryannes vagina basically. She cared less about who she was.

That fateful Sunday came. Around noon time the horror struck at her house. Her son Timmy was out doing some errands. Maryanne came in from her Sunday jog and went into her bathroom to take a quick shower. She stripped out of her clothes and turned on some classic music. She then gets into the shower and while she was in the shower. She decided to pleasure herself by sticking her fingers in her wet vagina. She thought about the men or women viewing her as she jogged. She felt comfortable with her elegant beauty. As she was in the shower, the Black Crane broke in quietly. She had on her black dress with black pantyhose and black heels. She got out of the shower and continued to listen to her classical music as she finished freshening up at the bathroom sink. When she spits out the mouthwash and put her head up, the Black Crane was behind her! She let out a loud scream and tried to run but didnt get away. The Black Crane quickly grabbed her. Put her hand over her mouth to muffle out the screams. Tears dripped down her face. The Black Crane took out a syringe and stuck it into her right temple injecting the air into her eye socket. Maryannes screams ceased as she convulsed very briefly and then went limp. She let Maryannes body drop to the floor like she was nothing. The Black Crane dragged her body to her bed and dropped her face down onto the bed. She undressed and rubbed the soles of Maryannes dead feet. She flipped her over and rubbed up and down Maryannes legs and feet. She rubbed Maryannes dead feet on her pussy. Her dead and feet gave her an orgasm. She covered Maryannes body with a sheet and called the maid and left. Timmy came home from doing his errands. The Tidy Up Service have already left. The Black Crane was long gone. When he walked into the kitchen he fainted from the horrible sight! His mother was sitting at the kitchen table. She was wearing just her white pantyhose. A tan pair of pantyhose wrapped around throat. The Tidy Up Service made it look like she was strangled and left like that by an unknown strangler.

Crime House (Dark Rooms) - Double Sensation

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Crime House (Dark Rooms) - Double Sensation

If you kike strangulation scenes please don't miss this one. This movie consists all fetish elements of sexy strangulation:

Sexy miniskirt, sexy business girl, two victims, one by one murder, 25 minutes long (!), ultra sexy white stockings, death stares, legs kicking, face antics, agony, wheezing, carrying, many different dead poses, playing with corpses, touching bodies, bodypile. It's very sexy one!

Two young journalist decided to make career in press and earn one million dollars for exclusive photos of dead famous actress. To be first in this sensation report they decided. to KILL the actress. They invited her for private interview. She agreed and said that she has very busy schedule so it would be better to interview in her hotel number. They came to her place and when the girl asked questions, her colleague went behind the actress and started to strangle her. She was very surprised when two intelligent people - young man and girl in glasses strangled her like a bitch! She tried to escape but she had no chance for life. After long strangulation scenes with all fetish elements of sexy strangling clip (legs kicking, face antics, agony, wheezing) she died.

Journalists-killers played with her dead body like a doll to find the best pose for postmortem photo session. They took off her clothes leaving her only in white stockings and carried to the bedroom to make more photos. But bad girl didn't know that her partner decided to do double sensation. He wasn't going to share his fees for photos and attacked her too! What are you doing? - she asked in panic when he began to strangled her. He killed he on the dead actress's body. He tried to image the following article: Famous actress and youg female journalist were lesbian lovers and were attacked by intruder when they were making love. So he stripped his dead partner and put corpses together in sexy bodypile.

Inshadow - The Boston Strangler

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Inshadow - The Boston Strangler

Called by a girl home alone, the plumber faces his demons as he imagines her naked and teasing him. Loosing control, he attacks her, drowns her into the sink, undresses her, abuse her body before torturing her using his tools and smothring her with a latex sheet.