PKF - Last Night Out (Tessa)

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PKF - Last Night Out (Tessa)

After a party, a young woman is picked up by an undercover cop and taken for interrogation. But soon, she realized she is in trouble. He is no cop, and she has been abducted.

Brutality and terror reign as she is beaten, bound to a chair, beaten and tazered and left with a bag on her head.

Finally, when her badly bruised body is laying unconscious, she is taken away only to wake up tied too a wood frame.

Continuing the conditioning for the client, he oils her front and back, carefully inspecting and rubbing all her parts. Once he is satisfied, he stimulated her sexually, first with his hands, then with the wand until she has multiple, uncontrolled orgasms.

On the ragged mattress the client takes her. First, forcing her to suck his cock. Gagging her with it. Drool. Then, he fucks her ever way he can. Finally, he has her suck him off until he cums in her mouth and face.

Left on the mattress, humiliated, hurt, she pleads to be let go.

Then, the man--the fake cop who kidnaped her, beat her, molested her--comes back. She expects him to uncuff her---this night will be over.


A rope is wrapped around her neck. She starts struggling, upright, then falls to the mattress, arching her pelvis, shaking her legs. Her face turns red. She is terrified and frantic, fighting at the rope gouging into her soft flesh. Her eyes roll back, her tongue sticks out. Her whole body spasms and jerks.

She last a while. She wants to live. She is young, her whole short life now flashing before her. Then, she fades, eyes roll back, her body jerks a few more times, then she is still. Relaxed. Eyes open, mouth open.

He takes the rope off---the rough red raw line on her neck left--her body beaten, lifeless. She is garbage now. She must be removed later.

He leaves the dead girl alone on the mattress, sprawled out, eyes staring at nothing, mouth agape. Her legs spread. Inviting.


Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Rape and Murder a Cock Tease 2 (Carter Cruise)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Rape and Murder a Cock Tease 2 (Carter Cruise)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Rape and Murder a Cock Tease 2 (Carter Cruise)

She would tease men every night in the bar. They would buy her drinks. When she was done using them, she would sneak out. And the next night, she would do it again.

But tonight was trouble. She got home, exhausted and frustrated. One of the guys she was messing with had a friend with him---a guy she did the same thing to the week before. He called her out--called her a slut. She got them kicked out of the bar and now, she was worried she might not be able to go back to that place.

There was a knock at the door. A guy had her purse and she opened the door---but it was a lie. She was rushed by those two men---chasing her around the room. Then, they had her on the floor and her fucking hell was about to begin.

They were relentless. Fingering her while the other guy held her down. Then, they had her on her knees and both were forcing there cocks into her mouth. She sucked them off as best she could. She was afraid to do anything other then comply. These guys looked pissed.

The put her over the coffee table and fucked her. Then on the bed--taking turn fucking her pussy and mouth.

Finally, she thought it was going to be over, but instead, after they both came inside her--they tied her up with duct tape and gagged her. They let her squirm for a while as they went off and tore apart her home.

Finally, the put her on her knees and it was another forced double blowjob eventually leading into both men filling her mouth with their cum.

Exhausted, she thought it was over, but that is when she noticed the rope and knew. Panic set it, but there was no time. It was around her neck and she was yanked up off the floor, into the air---feet kicking wildly as she was strangled.

The man then fell back with her on the bed, continuing to strangle her as the other man fingered her pussy. She struggled and fought very hard. Her body was a puddle of sweat, veins popping out, intense spasming, but after a while, she was still. Dead.

The man scooted out from under her corpse like she was a piece of garbage. And like trash, they picked her up to dump her far off in the woods for the animals to dine on.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Nice Guy Killer Alana (Alana Rains)

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Nice Guy Killer Alana (Alana Rains)

I had met Alana only a few months before. She was at a place with another friend and we hit it off. Not sexually mind you. She was just a friend. And like a friend, she was in my life--asking for things--telling me things. Enough was enough.
I had her come over when she called in a panic about something boyfriend related, I don't know really, I was not actually listening to her. But, she she arrived, she was non-stop talking talking talking. I watched her lips moving, I nodded---but I was not really thinking about how to respond to her.
I got up and punched her hard. She seemed surprised--or at least she would have been had she known I was going to punch her. She was out. I dragged her to the bed to get her prepared.
She was surprised, however, as I raped her. Very surprised. I guess she always figured me for a nice guy. I was. But, niceness needs payment and I was cashing in.
She did not like getting raped. Then never seem to. She was saying no no no, don't don't don't, and other odd sounds and phrases as I plowed her tight young body.
When I was don't, I set her up against the couch--her hands we bound behind her. I talked to her a bit. Gave her my advise about her and told her what she was to me. Worthless, really. So, I wrapped a thin garrote around her neck.
Not surprisingly, she was not fond of that either. And the struggle ensued. I was impresses with her muscular tone, the way her neck seemed to stretch out like she was hanging. Veins popped out---man, she was really straining. I think that made it worse for her. I didn't have the heart to tell her. But then, I was busy doing the killing. A lot of work--killing.
Her toes spread in strange angles then closed. I liked toes. The legs spasmed, her body heaved and her face was red and contorted. She lasted a while. I got a work out. In the end, it was always the same. They stopped moving. I threw her lifeless piece of shit corpse to the floor, shoved her on her back and went out for a breather.
When I returned, she was still there. No surprise. I wrapped her tightly in cling wrap, having used the last of my painters plastic. I dragged her out.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Snuff Service (Zoey Foxx and Veronica Verve)

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Snuff Service (Zoey Foxx and Veronica Verve)

Zoey was undercover. Posing as a girl who wanted to die. You see—there was rumors of a man offering to kill girls as a service he provide. Well, to the law, that was called murder, and she was going to catch this scum or her name wasn’t Zoey Foxx of Channel 5 News. It was.
She arrived at the place. Another girl was there. This would be a challenge. She would save this other girls life and be a hero. But right now, she had to pretend to be sad.
The interview was first. The man, talked to them both, asking them why they wanted to die. Zoey was impressed with the girl next to her. She has quite the resolve, but Zoey would save her. No one really wants to die and she would be damned if she let this guy do it.
The drink he gave them were drugged. She could tell. She felt……good. It was ecstasy, and everything seemed great. But, she still was focused on the job…more or less.
The man took the other girl out of the room. Zoey spoke into her tape recorder.
The other girl, Victoria, was flying on ecstasy, but very confident of what she wanted to do. But right now, she was getting her pussy licked by the man who would kill her soon. She was, for the first time in a long time, feeling good. After he finished, she rewarded him by slurping up his large cock to his enjoyment.