[John Marshall/PKFStudios] Katerina Kay - Knockout Rape Kill Schoolgirl (2014)

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[John Marshall/PKFStudios] Katerina Kay - Knockout Rape Kill Schoolgirl (2014)

A school girl comes home and is attacked by a man. He chloroforms her, then plays with her unconscious body. When she wakes back up, he knocks her out with a blackjack.
He carries her to the bed, then slowly strips her and plays with her.
He fucks the schoolgirl. Several times, she wakes up and he knocks her back out with the blackjack. At one point, she almost escapes, but he knocks her out again.
Finally, he gets tired of her retaining consciousness, so the last time, he hits her in the head repeatedly until she is dead. He leaves her body sprawled and defiled on the bed.

Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - What Goes Around (Lily LaBeau)

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Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - What Goes Around (Lily LaBeau)

Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - What Goes Around (Lily LaBeau)

She though she was safe....all the way in LA. The old job she left after getting a man fired.....in the past. The murder.....nothing to do with her. Yet still. She was uneasy.

And now she gets a call. All she wanted to do was relax. It is stressful job being an office manager. Stressful. Don't the understand.

More bad news. She listened as the girl on the other end of the phone told her about the young woman....the intern, she fast track promoted before she ran....moved out to LA. She was now missing.

She abruptly left the call. Nothing was wrong. Nothing was wrong. But the knock at the door made her uneasy.

It was a cop. Questions about the intern. Nothing she could not handle.

And then, the world dropped away and she was plunging.


PKF - Last Night Out (Tessa)

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PKF - Last Night Out (Tessa)

After a party, a young woman is picked up by an undercover cop and taken for interrogation. But soon, she realized she is in trouble. He is no cop, and she has been abducted.

Brutality and terror reign as she is beaten, bound to a chair, beaten and tazered and left with a bag on her head.

Finally, when her badly bruised body is laying unconscious, she is taken away only to wake up tied too a wood frame.

Continuing the conditioning for the client, he oils her front and back, carefully inspecting and rubbing all her parts. Once he is satisfied, he stimulated her sexually, first with his hands, then with the wand until she has multiple, uncontrolled orgasms.

On the ragged mattress the client takes her. First, forcing her to suck his cock. Gagging her with it. Drool. Then, he fucks her ever way he can. Finally, he has her suck him off until he cums in her mouth and face.

Left on the mattress, humiliated, hurt, she pleads to be let go.

Then, the man--the fake cop who kidnaped her, beat her, molested her--comes back. She expects him to uncuff her---this night will be over.


A rope is wrapped around her neck. She starts struggling, upright, then falls to the mattress, arching her pelvis, shaking her legs. Her face turns red. She is terrified and frantic, fighting at the rope gouging into her soft flesh. Her eyes roll back, her tongue sticks out. Her whole body spasms and jerks.

She last a while. She wants to live. She is young, her whole short life now flashing before her. Then, she fades, eyes roll back, her body jerks a few more times, then she is still. Relaxed. Eyes open, mouth open.

He takes the rope off---the rough red raw line on her neck left--her body beaten, lifeless. She is garbage now. She must be removed later.

He leaves the dead girl alone on the mattress, sprawled out, eyes staring at nothing, mouth agape. Her legs spread. Inviting.


Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Chucks Revenge 1 (Renee C.)

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Chucks Revenge  1 (Renee C.)

A girl is confronted as she leaves she shower. A man with a knife forces her to masturbate. Then he stabs her in the belly and he forces her to jack him. He stabs her again. She staggers to the couch and dies. He fucks her and cums on her ass.


Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fuck Her Corpse 5 (Ashlee)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fuck Her Corpse 5 (Ashlee)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fuck Her Corpse 5 (Ashlee)

Ashlee wanted revenge. The douchebag she was fucking right now, had murdered her husband--had him killed by his band of thugs. This guy, the guy whose cock she sucked and whole she was now getting her brains fucked out by--was the head crime boss.

After the sex, she went off to freshen up.

He knew there was something familiar about her. He couldn't place it, but checked her purse. He pulled out the 357 revolver and unloaded it.

She came back. They shared a drink and now the conversation got interesting. She was asking him about his work---about what he did. He tried to be vague, but she pushed, and he figured she must know anyhow......

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Invisible Maniac - Vicki's Shocking End (Tegan Mohr)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Invisible Maniac - Vicki's Shocking End (Tegan Mohr)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Invisible Maniac - Vicki's Shocking End (Tegan Mohr)

The Invisible Maniac once again sets his sites on the students who made fun of him, singling out Vicki as his next victim.


On a cold stormy night, Vicki, back from cheerleading practice decided to go take dip in the family jacuzzi. As she soaks in the tub, strange things happen around her. Suddenly a lamp float through the air and hovers before her envoking a look of confusion in Vicki's face before the horror as it is dropped into the water. Vicki spasms in the water as the blue light of electricity flickers and then nothing---she floats dead.

The CSI processes the scene, removes the lamp, then starts to fish out the dead girl.

In the morgue, her body is processes by the morgue techs. But later, once of the techs comes back to give Vicki the special treatment. He fondles and rubs her, then fucks her mouth and pussy, finally cumming on her cold, dead corpse.

Hearing a noise, the tech leaves, and the Invisible Maniac gets one final laugh.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Summer Day (Ashley, Monicka, Juliette, Leilani)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Summer Day (Ashley, Monicka, Juliette, Leilani)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Summer Day (Ashley, Monicka, Juliette, Leilani)

A crime has been committed. A murder in the forest. Several victims.
How did this summer day end so tragically.
Alex was impressed with himself. There he sat with 4 girls ogling him. He would get laid--he knew it.
But then, two guys showed up. He tried to talk to them, get them to leave his action. That is when he was shot, and his story ends.
The men had the four girls where they wanted them. In the middle of nowhere on a warm summer day. Bad things were going to happen.
The leader, the mouthy one, ordered the girls around. He made Monicka suck his cock and later had Juliette join in. The other guy, he was quiet...just took orders. Greg. Ashley and Leilani worked on him.
The girls figured it was all they wanted. Was it?
The sexual assault went on. The girls, sobbing, doing the best they could.
It was when Leilani ran off that things got ugly. She would be the first. When Greg brought her back, the garrote was quickly around her supple neck and she was murdered right there in front of the others. Their friend. Killed.
Now, they really started to panic. But, before anything, Monicka was next, standing up, she was strangled to death, then laid down by her friend.
Two girls left and it was not a moment before Ashley was being murdered. She fought--they all tried. But, in the end, she succumb to the lack of air. Dead.
One left.
She was the talker but did not do so good talking her way out of death. A garrote around her neck, struggle and death. Death to all the girls.
Now, what to do.
Simple. Fuck the corpses. Each took a girl and it ended in release and satisfaction.
A job well done on this hot summer day.
They left, leaving behind 5 bodies in the woods.

Peachy Keen Films - Liability Eliminated 2 (Tiffany Fox)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Keen Films - Liability Eliminated 2 (Tiffany Fox)

Peachy Keen Films - Liability Eliminated 2 (Tiffany Fox)

She was expecting him. He had come to terminate her. The other agencies and law enforcement were aware of her existence and it was time for her to disappear There lives were usually short, but at 20, her life was barely getting started and now, it was time to end.
He explained that he needed to make it look like a sexual assault and murder. He gave her a choice--to be penetrated with a dildo and semen injected into her, or he could do the honors. Having known him through her training, she had always hoped that some day, she would be with him. Though the circumstances were grimm, she would take this opportunity.
She knew he would be gentle and he was. She took him first, sucking his cock, before letting him penetrate her. The sex was, like no other and she enjoyed every moment. But when it was over, the dread overcame her.
He had her insert the dildo up inside her where it would remain as he executed her for reasons unknown, even to him.
Now she stood, looking at him, he at her. The gun raised. There last goodbyes silence. He fired.

PKF Studios - Lethal Injection (Alana)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
PKF Studios - Lethal Injection (Alana)

PKF Studios - Lethal Injection (Alana)

A tough prisoner is brought out for her execution. She resist and the guard and doctor roughly put her on the gurney and strap her in.

She act strong and tough, but as the time draws near, she shows some fear.

Finally, her vitals are checked, the sentence is read, and the doctor inject a deadly concoction into her IV.

After a short moment of anticipation, she goes into ferocious spasms. She whips, bucks and strains her body violently against the straps.

Finally, she relaxes and is dead.

He check her, calls her death, the she is wheeled off.

In another room, she is on a table covered in a sheet. The doctor feels her still warm body under the fabric.

After slowly removing the sheet, he does a not so formal exam.

After exploring her body from head to toe, sucking her tits and playing with her pussy, he gets out some lube. He rubs the lube on her pussy first, the finger her. Then he rubs the lube on her mouth.

With her mouth, lubed, he draws her to the end of the table, and slides his cock in. He fucks her warm, slippery mouth-hole for a while.

Let her, he has her repositioned on the table with her legs in the air. He fucks her for a while, watching her big tits jiggle with his thrusts.

Finally, he finishes, leaving his cum dripping out of her pussy.

As he leaves, the next staffer in line approaches for some fun of his own.

PKF Studios - I Fucked and Killed my Sister (Eva Rogue)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
PKF Studios - I Fucked and Killed my Sister (Eva Rogue)

PKF Studios - I Fucked and Killed my Sister (Eva Rogue)

My little sister is a bitch. We never got along. I was napping on the couch when she came in the room whining that I had not done my chores yet. I pretended to sleep.

So, she got up on me and acted like she was going to mess with my cock. She unzipped my pants, even pulled it out. I didn't thing she would, but she did--she put in in her mouth. That woke me up. But she was not done---she kept going and I kept quiet. My sister was a sexy piece of ass and I was not going to mess this up, no matter how I hated the little bitch.

Needless to say, passions took over. I had her out of her clothes in a moment and we were fucking like dogs in heat.

When it was over, I thought we had a "thing". Turns out, she was going to use "my" little indiscretion to get me kicked out of the house.

I was not going to let her do that, so I made a somewhat impulse decision and wrapped the strap of her bra around her neck and started strangling her. Once I started, I could not stop. The rage took over and I watch that little bitch squirm and buck as I strangled the crap outta her.

She was a fighter--being on color guard in school--she also played the tuba---that took a lot of muscle. Needless to say, it took a long time to kill her. And while I was killing her, she made all sorted of sexy hot strangling faces and spasmed her body, that I wanted to shove my cock right back in her. But, I stayed the course and finally, she was fucking dead.

I was spent and needed to go find mom and dad and tell them the news. They would not be happy, but I was their favorite son, so I figure she will end up in the back yard with a bag of lime and a new tree.