[John Marshall / PKFStudios] Allie James and Viva - Night Of The DEMON II (2013)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
[John Marshall / PKFStudios] Allie James and Viva - Night Of The DEMON II (2013)

A virgin is needed for sacrifice.
Two men plot. A young student joins there meeting, claiming to know of a girl who is a real virgin.
The student and the virgin meet to study. The men come in, attacking the virgin and taking her away---the young student following.
In a dark warehouse, the virgin is suspended, clothes removed and she is prepared with oil as the student watches and later helps.
The student is rendered unconscious, then they assault and rape her while the virgin is suspended--helpless. Afterwards, they sacrifice the young student, slicing her throat and using her blood. One of the men is removed.
The virgin is forced to orgasm.
The ceremony commences, the demon arrises. He is pleased with the virgin and forces himself in her mouth.
Later, the demon fucks the girl, while the man joins in, making her suck his cock.
After the demon leaves, the man continues to rape her, then later, forces her to suck his cock again, finally cumming all over her face, then he slits her throat. She bleeds out on the mattress.
The man fucks the dead schoolgirl.

Seductive Studio - Bye Bye Birdie

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Seductive Studio - Bye Bye Birdie

This was a custom video focusing on over the top KO’s where the victim sees stars every time they are hit over the head. Kelly plays a thief who is hiding out from the investigators Kaylee and Jae. Kelly gets the drop on Kaylee and knocks her silly, Jae is soon to follow. The tables are turned eventually and Kelly is knocked out and fondled as the two investigators decide they want to take matters into their own hands instead of turning the thief over to the local authoriaties.