Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Taxi Diver (Rachel James)

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Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Taxi Diver (Rachel James)

Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Taxi Diver (Rachel James)

Rachel dumped her prom date and is waiting for a cab. She had a horrible evening.

Later, she is in her apartment with the taxi driver, thinking he seems like a nice guy and might be good company.

Instead, he puts her out with chloroform, then molests her a bit before taking her to his dungeon.

There, he strings her up and torments her, slowly cutting off her beautiful dress.

He forces her to suck him off, then he finger bangs her, inserts a glass rod up her, and finally, forced her to orgasm with a vibrator--all while she is standing arms secured overhead.

Eventually, he gets her down for some hard sex, fucking the little prom bitch until he unloads in her.

He never lets them live. But, he got her to suck him off one more time---filling her face up with cum. Then, before she knows it, he has a garrote around her neck and pulls her violently up and off the ground--her legs off the floor. Then back down, for an intense strangle. Eventually, he had her on her stomach as he finished taking her young life.

He leaves her sprawled on the dirty mattress for later disposal.

Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Complacency (Shavelle Love)

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Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Complacency (Shavelle Love)

Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Complacency (Shavelle Love)

Shavelle has moved to a seedy part of town and her incessantly protective father has called to check in on her again. She paces through the living room in her sexy pink slip and bare feet as she tries to reassure him that she hasn’t been complacent. He needn’t worry she insists, she has her taser after all. Satisfied, he lets her go.

She grabs a glass of water and heads to bed, pulling her sheets up to her chest. The little fawn falls into a peaceful deep sleep completely unaware of the man slipping through her front door. He quietly moves into her room and sets a bag on the floor pulling out a rag drenched in chloroform. He covers her face and her eyes shoot open only long enough to question whats happening.

The masked man pulls a set of cuffs from his bag, and he clasps one on each of her delicate limbs before strapping a bit gag around her head. Using some rope, he secures her to the bed frame, spreading her legs wide open, pulling up her slip to reveal her black lacy panties. She gets him so hard as he takes a look at her velvety lips popping from the sides of their lace incasement.

He straddles her narrow frame and leans into her, taking in her flowery scent and waking her. She turns her head to see the man and immediately begins to panic, pulling on her restraints as she fights to escape from underneath him. Reaching over to the bed stand he grabs her trusty taser and turns it on her, taking the time to find just the right places to shock. Her body twists from the volts shooting into her. His cock throbs with her pain as it rubs against her leg.

Pulling out a knife he runs it under her dress, fear falls upon her face as she struggles to stop this. The rip of her slip is slow and taunting as the two halves of her nightwear falls to her sides. She tries to scream and it is met with a severe nipple twist. She still isn’t getting it. He chokes her to try and paint a clearer picture before submitting her with more torturous nipple twists. Her body writhes in pain as she fights against the bit. Looking down at him she watches him cut her panties away.

Chokechamber - Fun With Blondes (Miss Sarah Jane, Lolita, Dafney Slovia)

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Chokechamber - Fun With Blondes (Miss Sarah Jane, Lolita, Dafney Slovia)

They say, blondes have more fun, but that's not always true. Here are three examples of three gorgeous blondes who will not have seen better days. Dafney is a serial dater who dreams of marrying a handsome prince charming… like a famous actor… or a rich plastic surgeon. She's been lucky. All the men have been gentlemen. But, odds are… eventually you'll meet one man who does not play by the your rules. She wakes to knocking at her door. It's her date, and he looks like Luke Perry. She extremely excited until she sees him. He looks nothing like his photo. Immediately he tries touching her. Things get out of control when she demands he leave. He man handles her, knocking her out with one punch. She wakes to another beating, then choked while being undressed. He finishes her with her own scarf.

In our next scenario, Sara is a flat out bitch, Taylor made for a good killing. Her controlling, expectations are off the chart. Newly married, she pushes her husband to his last nerve. She doesn't stop until he knocks her out. When she wakes, yelling, he quiets her by choking her until she's quiet… and dead..

Across town, Fabulous, is on her first job as an escort. It seems like everything is proceeding nicely, until the client becomes abnormally aggressive. He wants to record them having sex, but she does not. It goes from bad to worse fast. When she tries to struggle, without mercy, he smashes her over and over, in the head… knocking her out cold. She wakes to more abuse, then brutally chokes her to death. The client was happy he recorded his video after all.

PKF Studios - Secret Desire (Madison, Tegan Mohr)

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PKF Studios - Secret Desire (Madison, Tegan Mohr)

She really lusted after her ex-roommate and hatched a plan to act out her fantasy.
Her friend arrived and they got caught up. But Tegan was bored with her non-stop narcissistic talking. So, as soon as she was looking the other way, her plan went into effect.
She tazed her unconscious then dropped a special sleep aid in her mouth. Her ex-roommate would be out for a while giving her time to do all the things she wanted with her and not have to listen to her talking.
When she was done, she posed her on the bed and left to go grab a snack before she woke up.
While she was gone the dorm monitor came in on a noise complain and found the naked prone girl. He quickly stripped off his clothes and started messing with her. When she woke, he panicked and strangled her to death.
Tegan came back into the room as he was finishing up. So, he attacked her and strangled her to death too.
Afterword, he fucked Tegan dead body, then picked up her ex-roommate and fucked her too, switching back and forth, then finally coming all over her body.


PKF Studios - My favorite Neice (Summer)

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PKF Studios - My favorite Neice (Summer)

Randy gets the call he'd been dreading for 18 years. It was time to kill his young niece. Randy is a member of a special club. Each member is assigned a newborn family member to watch over, making sure they live good lives, stay out of trouble and stay in shape. On their 18th birthday, it is their job to kill that family member, prepare them, and offer them as the main course at the big feast.

Today was that day.

Summer came over, as she did frequently, to visit with her favorite uncle Randy and talk about things high school girls talk about. While she was distracted, he wraps his guitar cable around her neck and yanks her back on the couch. She kicks and bucks like a crazy bull, trying to get away, but Randy is much bigger, much stronger. Still, it was tough to kill this hot young 18 year old niece. She had a lot of life left in her and she was not about to go out without a fight. For several minutes they struggled, but eventually, she weakened and finally, was still.

He took the cord off her neck and was going to go right into the preparation stage when some feelings he had been hiding all these years came up to the surface of his consciousness. His niece was very pretty and most of all, very sexy--even in death. He pulls up her shirt and starts fondling her breasts. This gets him horny and he proceeds to fondle her a lot more. He repositions her, removes all her clothes, and then tenderly eats out her young pussy--still warm and very juicy. He could not wait any longer and makes love to her right then and there. She felt so god and was extremely tight-- perhaps he was her first.

After a while, he decides he wants to explore her in even more detail and picks her up to carry her to his bed.

He sets her down and starts probing her young pussy. He spends a lot of time touching her pussy lips, spreading them, manipulating her legs. He eventually goes down and licks her pussy, sucking her sweet juices.

After a time, he changes her position so that her ass in in the air and explores her some more. He keeps at it, playing with her pussy, her breasts, changing her position, licking her pussy, fingering her.....all the while the freshly dead teenage girl just stares blankly, mouth slightly open. She is so beautiful in death.

He finally takes her back to the couch, sets her on his lap and fucks her one more time. When done, he lets her flop to the side. He then lifts her up in another cradle carry and takes her out of the room.

Next, we see her lying on a table, garnished with fruits and veggies. He takes a carrot and slips it into her pussy. He said a few kind works and exits to get other things ready for the meal that night. Following is long views of her oiled up body.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) Watching the Schoolgirl (Veronica Radke)

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) Watching the Schoolgirl (Veronica Radke)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) Watching the Schoolgirl (Veronica Radke)

He was already in her room, watching her from the closet as she dresses.
He attacked her with chloroform, then placed her on the bed and tied her up. After she woke up, he watched her struggle for a while before forcing her to suck him. She was not experienced. He had to explain to her what to do. But she caught on.
After, he got her back on the bed and played with her some more before fucking this virgin teenager. She was so scared and that made him more excited then ever.
She was tight, hard to get it in at first, but after a while, she got wet and he was fucking this little schoolgirl with all his might. Several positions later, he was done and she was struggling and yelling--so he put her out.
When she work up, rebound--hands behind her, she quickly realized this was not just a rape--this was a murder. But too late. He was on her, strangling her. She had not chance, but struggled hard and for a long time. Kicking legs, bucking hips, tongue out, eyes wide. But, he killed her just the same.
She was dead, and he took a souvenir then moved on to find the next one.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) Sentry Showdown 3 (Belle)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Keen Films (PKF) Sentry Showdown 3 (Belle)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) Sentry Showdown 3 (Belle)

She stood watch, protecting an important room in the maze of a facility that housed the organization. Deep underneath, she was unsure, she was tasked to protect this sector Let no one pass--kill any who tried.
All was secure.
The man came into view. Stealth. Slowly moving to his target. By the time she noticed, it was too late. The fight was brief and then he had her. The garrote firmly around her neck, he pulled, feeling her body struggle and stretch against his. And, this excited him.
Once he had the one hand grip secure, he used his other to reach for her sex, letting his fingers explore as he murdered the sexy sentry. She writhed to his insertions all the while struggling agains the tight wire, digging into her flesh. Her body was hot, sweat soaked her and him as well--mixing as the murder continued.
After a while she slowed. They all did. He never rushed the kill. Sure, he could have made it quick, but where was the fun. This sector was empty. She was the only one guarding Above them, 2ft concrete floor divided him from the next sentry. All in good time.
When she was dead, he rolled her then rolled her again--getting a good look at his kill. She was a nice one. He dragged her off.
Like the schematics showed, he found a small room, only 10 meters down. There was a couch. He put her on it. Now, he would have more fun.
First, he tasted her. Dead, her sweat, a moist pussy, it was heaven. He lapped her juices before moving on to one of the main events.
He slid his cock into her awaiting mouth. It was warm. Felt good. He slid it in and out for a while, getting harder and harder until, he knew he could not postpone the moment any longer. He repositioned her, then let his cock find her tight, wet pussy. He fucked her several different ways before finally repositioning her again, and fucking her mouth one last time.
After filling her throat up with cum, he got his things and left. Still 8 more sectors to empty out before his day was finished. He hoped they were all as beautiful as she was.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Tiffany Obsession (Tiffany Fox)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Tiffany Obsession (Tiffany Fox)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Tiffany Obsession (Tiffany Fox)

She was home, a little drunk, telling her friend about the creeper that was at the party when there was a knock on the door.
The guy burst in, hand on her throat and she was flying back. But, she was up and hitting the asshole. But, he was strong, had her back down, then flung her on the couch. He got the garrote around her neck.
She struggled like mad. Kicking, swinging her legs, thrusting, tongue lashing out, eyes wide. What a fighter. But she soon settled down into a death struggle as he strangled the life out of her.
It took a long, long time, but finally, she moved no more. Now his Tiffany obsession would come to fruition. He had been watching her for weeks. Now, she was his.
He lifted her up, and cradle carried her for a moment before laying her down on the coffee table. There he stripped her, then had his way with her.
He slid his cock in and out of her tight little cunt, feeling it's warm wetness enclosing around him. After a while he brought her back on the couch and had her some more.
Finally, he fucked her mouth until he came all over her pretty, perky big tits.
He left her pose for her friends to find her.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fatal Encounter (Soleil)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fatal Encounter (Soleil)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Fatal Encounter (Soleil)

Chrissy had no idea she was being watched while she was getting out of her car at the strip mall. And, when she left her purse on the trunk while she went back into her car to search for something---she never noticed the man run up and grab her wallet.
If only she had noticed. Maybe things would have been different.
The men sat in the car outside Mr. Shrifers house. Chrissy was home. Her car was their. They had her ID---it led them straight to her. The game was on.
Chrissy was relaxing, reading a magazine when the knocks started and would not stop until she answered. She just wanted to enjoy her afternoon.
The guy said he was a mall cop---he had her wallet and would return it, but needed to ask her some questions.
Things might have turned our differently if she did not let them in. If she just called the police---the real police.
But, they weren't.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Bedroom Killer (Keely and Roxxxy)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Bedroom Killer (Keely and Roxxxy)

Keely arrives home from school and is attacked in her bedroom. He punches her hard above the eye, knocking the teenager unconscious. He roughly starts to yank off her backpack. He tosses her up on the bed and starts to molest her. First, slowly feeling her body, then removing her clothing and licking her sweet teenage pussy. He wants more, and wakes her up, the forced her to suck his throbbing cock. After a while of that, he can take it no more and must fuck her. He roughly slips between her legs, letting his cock glide into her tight wet pussy and fucks the little high school girl until he cums all over her mound.