[Psycho-ThrillersFilms.com / Psycho-Thrillers.com] India Summer - 300K Kill (Snuff Fetish Fantasy) (2017)

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[Psycho-ThrillersFilms.com / Psycho-Thrillers.com] India Summer - 300K Kill (Snuff Fetish Fantasy) (2017)

The son is alone at home, the phone rings. He picks it up. At the other end of the line, it is the underground Mob calling to collect a 300,000 debt.. The son has a somber look on his face.
Just then, his mother enters the house, as if in a hurry. She puts down the bag, approaches her son, hugs and kisses him on the cheek, smiling. She told him she transferred all there money to Mexico and they will be leaving tomorrow.
The son still has a worried look on his face. The mother strokes his hair and convinces him, to make love for the last time before they leave.
They make passionate love, kissing, and holding hands, looking to each other’s eyes. They both climaxes.
She gasps for breath after cumming, both of them are out of breath as he lies on top of her. She tells him he is the only one that can make her cum so hard. When he pulls out of her his cum dripping out of her vagina.
She gets up and goes to freshen up into her bedroom. The son is in deep thought that he has no choice now but to kill the mother he just fucked, and hand the debt over to the mob. He knows that they would kill them both otherwise.
Brandon’s mother is sitting on her bed and applying lotion to her legs. Her back is to the bedroom door, where the son quietly walks in. She senses his presence and asks him if he is back for more.
He climbs onto the bed behind her and starts carressing her hair, then massaging her neck then her feet. He gets her totally relaxed. He tried to convince her to stay but she made up her mind.
Brandon then kisses her neck as he reaches for his rope.
He wraps the rope around her neck. Tightens the rope to start strangling her from behind. She panics, her legs starts kicking, her hands claw at him and the rope to try to pry it loose. After a minute he lets the rope loose, sadistically giving her hope that she might live after all.