Psycho Thriller (PST) - Double Rape And Torture Bag Kill (MARIE McCRAY, JUSTIN SYDER & ALAN STAFFORD)

Psycho Thriller (PST) - Double Rape And Torture Bag Kill (MARIE McCRAY, JUSTIN SYDER & ALAN STAFFORD)

Psycho Thriller (PST) - Double Rape And Torture Bag Kill (MARIE McCRAY, JUSTIN SYDER & ALAN STAFFORD)

Alan and Justin pick up where DOUBLE RAPED & BAGGED left off. Justin and Alan are cruising the streets when Alan comes up with a plan. They will pose as police detectives and will pull over a driver. They will say her vehicle was spotted at the scene of a crime and she needs to be taken in for questioning.

They find a sweet little sheep to play their game on, so innocent and wide-eyed with innocence. They take her into their vehicle after handcuffing her under what was coined “standard procedure.” As they drive, she questions them but they remain stubborn in their efforts to take her to what is called a satellite police station or substation. When they arrive and she sees that the alleged police station is a home within a residential community, she refuses to exit the vehicle but is later convinced that her cooperation will hasten her ability to leave quickly.

She arrives, still reluctant, but hoping to getting it over with. Unfortunately she is surprised to learn that she fell for a trap when she sees Angelo emerge from a rom with a gag. She tries to escape as they force her to sit and gag her. Already handcuffed, she is now helpless as the men rip her dress to shreds. The men take turns fondling her body and partially undressing her to their satisfaction. They pose her then carry her off to the bedroom for some real fun.

They throw her onto the bed where she is fondled and stripped, groped, probed and forced into different sexual positions. She is forced to suck cock as she tries her best to resist. She is then rammed by both men, first doggie style then on her back with her legs folded into her chest. He is fucked for a long time then carried back into the living room where a tarp is prepared on the floor for her arrival.

They force her to lie down on the tarp and to endure a torturous dildo probe as one of the men drives it inside her pussy after teasing her with it. She is fucked for a long time then is confronted with the prospect of death when one of the men wraps a plastic bag around her head. She fights for air but the bag quickly saps her strength. Unfortunately for her, death does not come quickly as Angelo lifts the bag to give her just enough air to survive. He torture bags her for over 6 minutes before she cannot take it anymore and expires. Angelo wraps the bag tightly across her face again just to make sure she’s gone. The two men then talk about where they will dump the body before wrapping her up in the tarp and carrying her away.