Psycho Thriller (PST) - Steep Price Of Debt (Ryanne, Jigsy)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Psycho Thriller (PST) - Steep Price Of Debt (Ryanne, Jigsy)

A model who hasn't had a gig in a while is pacing in her home office, stressing about a stack of bills that have been piling up and nagging her. She gets all kinds of bill collectors and changes her phone number to throw them off, but then wonders why she is getting no work. She stands in her silk robe and thinks about what to do. She decides to take a shower and wash away the stress for a moment. When she returns from the bathroom she is in her robe again and carrying some dark red nail polish that she wanted to touch up her feet just in case. As she sits down to paint, her phone rings. A photographer has a client that will pay her big money to pose dead, as if she was strangled, and she would get a huge check with a bonus. When she hears the number her eyes get huge and the reluctance of the posing dead nude part was no longer an issue. As she finishes her touch up she gets instructions and directions from the photographer on what she needs to do, location, and etc. She gets freshened up and wears a zip up tight purple dress that shows off her body and is easily adjusted and removed. She glosses her lips and pep talks to her self in the mirror.

As she sits and waits for the photographer to be ready she glosses her lips again. He greets her and they introduce. He hands her the envelope with a check and large sum of money on it. He turns as she is distracted and puts some powder in her wine. It is a strong aphrodisiac drug that will make her lose her inhibitions and be horny as hell. They chat and toast to a great shoot. She drinks it pretty fast and starts to be a little tipsy. He tells her she has to remove her underwear and she does, still wearing the dress. You can tell the drug is working as she giggles and starts to talk about how much she is going to do well in the shoot and how she studied the script. He takes her glass saying "you have had enough let's get busy shooting". She straightens up and starts to pose, trying to focus as the drug takes effect. As she poses he gives her pointers. She dangles her heals and pouts her lips, warming up for the camera immediately, still in her purple tight dress. She adjusts her pose and clothing but tries to stay in the poses he wants on the sofa. She dangles her heels as he snaps shots and after a nice photo shoot with all kinds of poses, he says he needs to mix the makeup for the ligature marks in the strangle poses. She appears to not care and is very happy and drugged, but she thinks she is just tipsy off of the wine. He tells her to practice her death poses per the client's request so she does. She poses and talks to herself(POV)as he "mixes the makeup". When he returns with his palette and brush he has her lay down and he starts to apply the line of makeup to her neck. She comments on if this is how it feels to be strangled, "count me in" she says with a chuckle. The photographer doesn't say much at all, he just does his job. As he massages the makeup into her neck to get it looking better he applies a little pressure and she seems fine with it. He sees she is looking at him as an object of sex, but he has a plan to take a few more photos and see some good stuff with the stocking around her neck, and she adjusts her cleavage and the boobs pop out. . He accidentally on purpose, drops the brush in her cleavage and when he goes to retrieve it slides his hand onto her breast and pinches the nipple, making her bite her ecstasy. She comments on the bulge in his pants and says she is hopefully fucked after she is dead, chuckling. He snaps more photos and when she asks, "is it time for the shoes to come off?", he decides it is almost time to do the deed. He tells her he needs to tighten it a bit for the next series of pics, but pulls tight and keeps pulling. It takes her a few seconds to realize he is not playing any longer. A strangle ensues, Ryanne starts to snap out of it but is still drugged. She does fight back, clawing at her neck and the tight stocking, kicking her legs and feet in the heels. After a good bit of fighting back she kicks off one of the heels as she is trying to fight. The other heel digs in and dangles until it falls off too. Barefoot she digs her painted toes into the couch and to the carpeted floor. He focuses on her neck and her legs and feet, sexy and slightly muscular, and totally fit. She is a specimen and her tits are bouncing as she is strangled to death. As she slows down she starts to show signs of losing her motor skills as well as poking her tongue way out and bulging her eyes as she gets no air. Her hand, not getting signals is just flicking her nipple, over and over with her hand. He finishes her off as she kicks and bucks, her toes go rigid and point towards the earth, and as she expires with a death rattle, her body goes limp and her eyes are wide open. She is dead and now he wants to play with her. He moves her around the couch and gets her positioned. He checks her neck and flops her limbs thinking about how he wants to screw her and her sexy painted toes and soles...