PKF Studios - Secret Desire (Madison, Tegan Mohr)

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PKF Studios - Secret Desire (Madison, Tegan Mohr)

She really lusted after her ex-roommate and hatched a plan to act out her fantasy.
Her friend arrived and they got caught up. But Tegan was bored with her non-stop narcissistic talking. So, as soon as she was looking the other way, her plan went into effect.
She tazed her unconscious then dropped a special sleep aid in her mouth. Her ex-roommate would be out for a while giving her time to do all the things she wanted with her and not have to listen to her talking.
When she was done, she posed her on the bed and left to go grab a snack before she woke up.
While she was gone the dorm monitor came in on a noise complain and found the naked prone girl. He quickly stripped off his clothes and started messing with her. When she woke, he panicked and strangled her to death.
Tegan came back into the room as he was finishing up. So, he attacked her and strangled her to death too.
Afterword, he fucked Tegan dead body, then picked up her ex-roommate and fucked her too, switching back and forth, then finally coming all over her body.


Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Safety Belt (Butterfly)

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Safety Belt (Butterfly)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Safety Belt (Butterfly)

Kristy was sitting in her dad's car, knowing she would be getting it soon. Suddenly, a man attacks her, wrapping the safety belt around her neck and violently strangling her. She fights against the restraints, but her small body is no match for his strength and leverage from behind. Slowly she succumbs until her eyes roll up and her head falls forward.
He reaches around, feeling her nubile young body. He has to have her.
So, he loads her in the back seat and drives back to his chop shop. He unloads her, drags her, the carries her into his room, flopping her on his bed.
He is in lust for her. She is so beautiful. He rolls her to one side, then on her back and spends time exploring her through her clothing. he feels every inch of her body, paying special attention to her perfect natural young breast.
After a while, he starts to strip her, sitting her up in the process, the back down--he removes her shoes, pants, shirt--eventually everything.
He spends a lot of time kissing her. Her mouth, wet, he explores her completely with his lips and tongue. He sucks on her breasts, smells her sweet, flowery body. Soon, he is worked up and pulls her up, leaning her against the wall and fucks her mouth.
After a while, he flops her back down. He sticks some pillows under her to rais her ass, then fucks her.
Later, he flips her over to her back, and fucks her corpse some more, watching her perfect breasts bounce and spring.
Eventually, he comes around and unloads in her mouth, leaving her with his cum dripping from her lips.
He poses her with her head hanging off the bed and leaves to go work on the car--thinking about paying her another visit later.

Psycho-Thrillers (PST) Morning Wake-up

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Psycho-Thrillers (PST)  Morning Wake-up

Psycho-Thrillers (PST)  Morning Wake-up

Sheena plays Taylor, a business woman who gets up for work, showers, dresses and prepares to confront the day, unaware that a deranged psychopath is ready to meet her at the door. He knocks and she opens it but he forces his way inside. He didn’t expect a fight bit that’s what he got. Taylor thrashes, fights and tries to scream for her roommate and friend to help her but she is in a deep sleep. Taylor nearly escapes which angers her attacker. He lunges forward, grabs her and quickly dispenses of her, snapping her neck and killing her instantly. Taylor falls into a dead, twitching heap on the floor, eyes fixed on emptiness. Her attacker gathers himself, closes the door so they won’t be disturbed then carries her to a couch where he fondles, undresses and fucks her body for a long period of time, enjoying every inch of her until he climaxes. After resting for a awhile he wakes up to see she is stiff so he pulls her arms and legs straight, hearing them crack. He take advantage of his time and fucks her again, climaxing a second time. As he catches his breath, a smile sweeps across his face when he hears the alarm clock of her roommate go off. Just in time for thirds.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - After school dad (Ashley Rose)

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - After school dad (Ashley Rose)

Two teenagers mess around after school. Her parents aren't home and she is horny as fuck. This is her second boyfriend this week and he was going to get the treatment. After making out, she quickly has his cock out and is sucking him off--one of her best skills. She could not wait to get this guys cock in her tight pussy.
But, dad walks in, sees his daughter sucking some punks cock and is pissed off. He interrupts the action and confronts and new boyfriend. He makes the mistake of trying to stand up to her dad and gets his neck broke.
Now dad is really pissed, but with his daughter in this fragile state, he does what he thinks any father should do as punishment. He forces her to suck his cock.
Ashly laps and suck his cock like a good girl, but he is not satisfied. He wants to see more. He makes her take out her dead boyfriends cock and suck his still rigid boner. Then, he moves behind her, and fucks his daughter doggy style.
She is a good little fuck with a tight teenage pussy. He is loving it, but at the same time, he needs to fix this situation.
He uses her dead boyfriends belt to ******** her. She is in shock as he yanks her back, then fighting in bucking like crazy to try to get free.
He keeps the belt tight on her neck as he watches her gag and ***** with horrible sounds of survival emanating from her throat. But it wond me enough because he has a death grip on her. Her legs kick out, her sock foot rubbing on her dead boyfriend still stiff cock.
She quivers and spasms. Her eyes are wide, her tongue lashes out and her whole body shakes. When she finally slows down, she twitches and spasms as the last bit of life leaves her. Then she is still.
He murdered his daughter.
Now he wanted to fuck her again. He got her on the bed and after playing with her perfect tits, he slips in and starts pumping her. He goes and goes, watching her body shake with his motions until he reaches climax and leaves his load of cum deep inside her tight twat. He leaves with her posed with her last boyfriend, her mouth well placed on his cock.
Good riddance. He hates teenagers anyway!

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Boby in the Trunk (Tessa)

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Boby in the Trunk (Tessa)Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Boby in the Trunk (Tessa)Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Boby in the Trunk (Tessa)
Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Boby in the Trunk (Tessa)Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Boby in the Trunk (Tessa)Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Boby in the Trunk (Tessa)

He opened his trunk and there she was. So beautiful. Freshly dead. He did not know how she got thier. He did not know who she was. He set his golf clubs down and did what any of us would have. He lifted her up and took her into his bedroom and flopped her on his bed.
Then, he spend some precious time with her. He savored every moment. Slowly turning her, revealing various parts of her. He spent a long time kissing her, then finished stripping her slowly. He moved her around a lot, watching how limp she was.
Eventually, he flipped her over, stuffed some pillows under her to raise her up, then he fucked her. Soft at first, then harder and harder, eventually pulling her head up by her hair, slamming his cock into her, then cumming deep inside.
He was spent, but not done with her yet. He continued to play with her. He flopped her this way and that, touched her, played with her pussy. Eventually, he draped her off the end of the bed and left her their He would decide what to do with her later.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - The Breakup 2 (Alisha)

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - The Breakup 2 (Alisha)

Alisha kicks her lazy boyfriend out for good this time.
Now she is free to pursue other men, and they come calling. In fact, now she is dating two guys.
She goes dirt-bike riding with one, comes home, is tired and sits down for a meal when another boyfriend calls. She is so lucky. But her ex is not so happy. He sits on the roof of a building across the way and lines up his shot. He gets her right in the forehead. Her head flops right into her salad. She is dead.
He puts her on the bed and decides to play with her corpse a bit. He pulls her tongue so it is sticking out, then he sets about stripping and fondling her. Eventually, he kisses her, pushing her tongue back in.
He fucks her mouth, then fucks her before leaving.