Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Stargirl and Hellfire (Odette Delacroix and Rock)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Stargirl and Hellfire (Odette Delacroix and Rock)

Stargirl and Hellfire are in the midst of a very heated battle. He tosses a fireball at her chest! She staggers backward but keeps her balance. Then she charges up her cosmic rod and zaps him! But he grabs the rod and uses his powers to instantly make it smolderingly hot. The hellfire courses through the rod and Powergirl has to let go!

She falls backward, cradling the burning flesh of her hands. Hellfire uses this opportunity to snap the cosmic rod into several pieces! She screams in protest, but it’s too late. He punches Stargirl repeatedly until she is too weak to fight. Then he pulls her up on his lap and starts to punish her with tickles. He tickles her armpits and her thighs. She laughs and moans and squirms all over him.

Now it’s time for ultimate payback. He pulls out his cock and shoves it in her throat. She tries to get away but he’s stronger. He punches her a few times again and holds her hands together above her head so she can’t hit him anymore. She sucks his dick until he cums.

Now he’s finished with her. He chokes her, and then decided to do the job quicker and uses his hellfire powers. He places his hands firmly on Stargirl’s chest and shocks her with all his power. Her whole body convulses as she moans and yells. Then, quiet and stillness. Finally, no more Stargirl!