Psycho-Thrillers (PST) - Crawl Space

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Psycho-Thrillers (PST) - Crawl Space

Alan plays an ex-con just released from prison. Check the prequels EX-CONVICT and THE MODEL & PHOTOGRAPHER. As part 3 in the installment, Alan is temporarily living with another pen pal who is at work, leaving him all alone. Bored, he uses her cell phone to call someone just released from prison to share his boredom with using her cell phone. Once his conversation is over, he looks around for something to do and finds a closet with a ceiling entrance. Curious, Alan uses a stool to climb up and explore where the crawl space leads to.
To his surprise, the corridor leads to another apartment where a young woman lives. She just went to bed to catch a nap before working as a waitress on the night shift. Alan gazes at her from the closet, admiring her long body and her sensuous curves. Her large ass looks enticing and he cannot help himself. He creeps into her bedroom out of the closet and pounces on her. At first he was looking to rob her but she puts up an incredible fight that forces him to roll around the bed with her.
Seeking to silence her and getting angrier by the second, he sees a nylon stocking hanging from her drawer. He grabs it and uses it to wrap around her throat. The girl pleads with him as she tries to fight him off but he manages to break through her defenses and bear down on her throat with all his strength. The fight becomes intense and violent with the girl cursing and delivering rib rattling blows in an effort to free herself. She is a fighter but Alan continues to pull away on the nylon, trying to keep his leverage.
After long minutes of fighting she begins to slow down but Alan becomes stronger as she grows weaker. Alan pulls and pumps and then sits on top of her to gain maximum leverage as the girl‘s water releases and she fills her panties with piss. Soon the room is quiet except for an occasional gurgle and she is finally dead. Alan catches his breath then decides to take out his wrath by fucking her silly as the drool pours from her mouth. He fucks the young tight girl in three positions before climaxing strongly inside her and tossing her to the side like garbage. The make a point, he sits her up and slowly snaps her neck then leaves her there as he goes through her apartment looking for money.