Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - What Goes Around (Lily LaBeau)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - What Goes Around (Lily LaBeau)

Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - What Goes Around (Lily LaBeau)

She though she was safe....all the way in LA. The old job she left after getting a man the past. The murder.....nothing to do with her. Yet still. She was uneasy.

And now she gets a call. All she wanted to do was relax. It is stressful job being an office manager. Stressful. Don't the understand.

More bad news. She listened as the girl on the other end of the phone told her about the young woman....the intern, she fast track promoted before she ran....moved out to LA. She was now missing.

She abruptly left the call. Nothing was wrong. Nothing was wrong. But the knock at the door made her uneasy.

It was a cop. Questions about the intern. Nothing she could not handle.

And then, the world dropped away and she was plunging.


PKF - Last Night Out (Tessa)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
PKF - Last Night Out (Tessa)

After a party, a young woman is picked up by an undercover cop and taken for interrogation. But soon, she realized she is in trouble. He is no cop, and she has been abducted.

Brutality and terror reign as she is beaten, bound to a chair, beaten and tazered and left with a bag on her head.

Finally, when her badly bruised body is laying unconscious, she is taken away only to wake up tied too a wood frame.

Continuing the conditioning for the client, he oils her front and back, carefully inspecting and rubbing all her parts. Once he is satisfied, he stimulated her sexually, first with his hands, then with the wand until she has multiple, uncontrolled orgasms.

On the ragged mattress the client takes her. First, forcing her to suck his cock. Gagging her with it. Drool. Then, he fucks her ever way he can. Finally, he has her suck him off until he cums in her mouth and face.

Left on the mattress, humiliated, hurt, she pleads to be let go.

Then, the man--the fake cop who kidnaped her, beat her, molested her--comes back. She expects him to uncuff her---this night will be over.


A rope is wrapped around her neck. She starts struggling, upright, then falls to the mattress, arching her pelvis, shaking her legs. Her face turns red. She is terrified and frantic, fighting at the rope gouging into her soft flesh. Her eyes roll back, her tongue sticks out. Her whole body spasms and jerks.

She last a while. She wants to live. She is young, her whole short life now flashing before her. Then, she fades, eyes roll back, her body jerks a few more times, then she is still. Relaxed. Eyes open, mouth open.

He takes the rope off---the rough red raw line on her neck left--her body beaten, lifeless. She is garbage now. She must be removed later.

He leaves the dead girl alone on the mattress, sprawled out, eyes staring at nothing, mouth agape. Her legs spread. Inviting.


PKF Studios - Sexy Nurse Necro (Kay)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
PKF Studios - Sexy Nurse Necro (Kay)

PKF Studios - Sexy Nurse Necro (Kay)

The nurse had been attending him for over a week, and he was thinking his plan was not going to work, when she suddenly decided she would give him a “special” service.

She pulled out his soft cock and sensually wrapped her moist warm lips around it, making it very, very hard. She worked on it for some time, doing everything to it, slow, using her hands, licking his balls. It was awesome, but he was ready for the next step and tried to get her to slide on up and ride him.

But, she refused, telling him “this” was the extent of her “special” service.

Well, he was used to getting what he wanted and suddenly sat up, causing her to quickly back off of the bed. She hadn’t expected that--assuming he was mostly immobile. He reach out with his hand connecting the tazer to her chest with 500,000 volts. She tensed up, shook and then dropped hard to the floor.

He expectedher to go out like the others usually did. Then he would drug her, rape her, and leave her somewhere remote. They never told. Never. But, that did not happen. She started spasming. Violently. Then she started frothing at the mouth. Finally, her body tensed up, pelvis off the ground, then she relaxed. Dead. Starring eyes open, fucking dead. Shit.

So, this time, it would be a little different.

He got to work, checking her out, then lifting her up to the couch. He took her shoes off, then parted her panties and touched and licked her pussy. Then, he was between her legs fucking the dead nurse.

After a while of that he carried her over to his bed and fucked her some more, a couple different positions. Finally, he fucked her mouth until he came down her throat.

Satisfied, he carried her to the carpet, laid her out and rolled her up in it. It would be good use for this Berber. He dragged her out.

PKF Studios - Secret Desire (Madison, Tegan Mohr)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
PKF Studios - Secret Desire (Madison, Tegan Mohr)

She really lusted after her ex-roommate and hatched a plan to act out her fantasy.
Her friend arrived and they got caught up. But Tegan was bored with her non-stop narcissistic talking. So, as soon as she was looking the other way, her plan went into effect.
She tazed her unconscious then dropped a special sleep aid in her mouth. Her ex-roommate would be out for a while giving her time to do all the things she wanted with her and not have to listen to her talking.
When she was done, she posed her on the bed and left to go grab a snack before she woke up.
While she was gone the dorm monitor came in on a noise complain and found the naked prone girl. He quickly stripped off his clothes and started messing with her. When she woke, he panicked and strangled her to death.
Tegan came back into the room as he was finishing up. So, he attacked her and strangled her to death too.
Afterword, he fucked Tegan dead body, then picked up her ex-roommate and fucked her too, switching back and forth, then finally coming all over her body.