Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Getaway Weekend (Melody Jordan)

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Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Getaway Weekend (Melody Jordan)

Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Getaway Weekend (Melody Jordan)

A guy brings his girlfriend to a secluded condo on the beach for a romantic weekend. She enters in a cute sheer nighty and they go at it. She gives him head, they fuck on the couch and bed until they are both satisfied.

But, it was all a ruse to get her alone and relaxed. He knows she has been cheating on him and accuses her of it. She denies it, but he knows and starts beating her. She tries to run, but he attacks her some more and knocks her out.

She is tied up on the bed and he pours beer on her to wake her up. He sexually assaults her--fingering her roughly, then fucking her with his beer bottle.

Later, he fingers her ass then anally assaults her.

Finally, he has her give him a great, slobbery blow-job to prove her love and secure her fate. He keeps her in place with a leather collar on her neck and a leash. He pulls it tight, half choking her while she sucks him off. Finally, he shoots his load in her mouth.

With cum dripping off her chin, he goes around behind her and pulled the leash tight. She struggles hard, thrashing and kicking. Her face is contorted--mouth open, wide eyed as she fights for her life. But, after a while she goes still, staring at nothing and it is over. She is dead.

As the final insult and for personal satisfaction he fucks her dead body until he finally cum all over her belly. He leaves her dead, spread eagle, covered in cum in the condo he rented under an assumed name.