PKF - Mr Steele (Alice March)

PKF - Mr Steele (Alice March)

PKF - Mr Steele (Alice March)

Victoria Greene the student reporter sweetheart thinks shes getting a private interview about Mr. Steeles personal hobbies and passions and

Mr. Steele was asked to give an interview to a student reporter from the local college and when he saw her he couldnt keep his eyes off of her. He scheduled the interview with her for a standard hour, but then cut her off after 15 minutes. Mr. Steele told Victoria she could come by his house with zero electronic devices and to let no one know of her location. Mr. Steele sends his assistant for Victoria and she arrives at his house for the one-on-one.

Mr. Steele offers Victoria some phenomenal wine but she declines stating shes not of age and doesnt drink yet. Mr. Steele calls his assistant, Ivan, and they grab her by the arms and is placed over Mr. Steeles lap for a spanking. Victoria advises she has a dinner date and that shes punctual and reliable so her friend would question where she was if she couldnt leave or call out. Mr. Steele fingers her sweet little pussy and licks his fingers before they decide to have some more fun.

The men pull out their hard cocks and rub them all over her face. Then they force her to lick her cock so she doesnt bite them. Ivan and Mr. Steele take turns shoving their cocks into her mouth nearly choking her.

Later they take Miss Victoria to the bedroom tie her up on the bed, blindfold her eyes, and put a gag in her mouth. Mr. Steele cuts her little panties off and starts fingering and licking her young pussy as she begs for them to stop. Ivan pulls out a vibrator and when her clit becomes engorged they pull out the hitachi. When the student reporter begs not to be forced to orgasm they put the huge vibrator over her and make her orgasm anyways.

Then Mr. Steele plays with her tight ass hole and gets her juices flowing for the big cock, but first, he sticks a wand in her hole so shes juicy and then he sticks his rock hard cock in it. She says hes too big and begs him not to fuck her anymore but Mr. Steele doesnt listen. The men fuck her over and over again until her pussy is dripping with wet cum.

Mr. Steele and his assistant finish with her and tell her she will be bound up and in a couple days they will come back to fuck her again and eventually shell learn to enjoy it. Victoria tells them theyre insane and shes going to tell the whole world. Mr. Steele realizes there is only one thing left to do, plan B, the bring out the rope and strangle her.

Victoria struggles vigorously as the garrote is wrapped tightly around her neck, digging into her soft flesh. As she is struggling for her young life, the other man fingers her tight wet pussy. She arches and gyrates as her body fights for air. After a long battle, she weakens, and her body spasms in the last moments until she is gone. She is carried out by Mr. Steeles assistant to hide the body!


Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Strangle The Cheerleader (Summer)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Kinky Films (PKF) - Strangle The Cheerleader (Summer)

A naive high school cheerleader needs money badly and confides in her coach. He offers to give her the money of she will let him take some sexy photos of her. She agrees and in the privacy of a hotel room she poses for him.
Soon, however, he wants to do more then just take photos and she resists his advances. Angry he leaves, but soon returns and chloroforms the young cheerleader. Unconscious, he is able to explore and fondle her gorgeous, sexy body.

He decides he must have her, but then she regains consciousness. Knowing that he has already gone too far, he wraps his large hands around her soft small neck and begins to strangle the poor, young girl. She kicks and fights hard. Suddenly, she breaks free and bolts toward the door. He quickly wraps a pair of panties around the teenagers neck and pulls her against him.

She vigorously kicks and struggles, clawing at the panties and his arms. Her eyes are wide in panic, her mouth open in a search for air. After a while she grows weaker as he continues his powerful strangle. When her legs start to quiver uncontrollably, he knows it is almost over. Finally she is still.

He panics and picks her up, trying to search for a hiding place, but soon props her up against the headboard and leaves the room, planning to come back later to finish the job.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Chucks Revenge 1 (Renee C.)

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Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Chucks Revenge  1 (Renee C.)

A girl is confronted as she leaves she shower. A man with a knife forces her to masturbate. Then he stabs her in the belly and he forces her to jack him. He stabs her again. She staggers to the couch and dies. He fucks her and cums on her ass.


Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - The Tandem Stranglers - Ashlyn's First and Last Day (Ashlyn Molloy)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - The Tandem Stranglers - Ashlyn's First and Last Day (Ashlyn Molloy)

It was Ashlyn's first day of her new job. She sat in her one bedroom Chicago low rent apartment getting ready. This was her big break. She had to make a good impression and took her sweet time applying her make up and putting her clothing on.

At her new receptionist job for Hewlit Partnership, she worked at a small workstation, taking call, filing and shredding. An associate of Mr. Hewlit arrived--she greeted him pleasantly and he sat, waiting, drifting off into a dream.

He dreamt of her, a fantasy, she stood up from the desk, let her hair down, and he watched her come toward him, kneel and place her full lips around his throbbing member.

Soon it was time for him to wake and go into Mr Hewlit's office, where, he plotted with him---his friend and partner in murder, how they were going to destroy this pretty little cunt.

Later, back at the condo they rented for just such a job, she was thrown unconscious on the bed. They messed with her until she work, then it was a double forced blowjob until a cock was forced down her throat so hard, it put her out.

Her unconscious body was placed back on the bed and one, then later both, fucked her hard and furious. She was covered in sweat, defiled and humiliated---covered in their cum.

The big surprise was when Mr Hewlit wrapped a rope around her neck and strangled her. He placed with her fear--catch and release, before tightening it up to full capacity. She flipped and twisted, straining face, sweat, tongue, fear, terror, as she was slowly being killed.

The other guy came in, the started fucking her while she was being murdered---her pussy tightening around his cock as she strained for her life. Eventually, she was lifted up and he fucked her mouth while she was being strangled. Eventually, she expired and he filled her mouth and face with semen.

They let her lifeless, cum-covered, sweaty corpse fall to the bed and went to go get what they needed to dispose of the lifeless husk that was once a pretty young woman.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Rape and Murder a Cock Tease 2 (Carter Cruise)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Rape and Murder a Cock Tease 2 (Carter Cruise)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Rape and Murder a Cock Tease 2 (Carter Cruise)

She would tease men every night in the bar. They would buy her drinks. When she was done using them, she would sneak out. And the next night, she would do it again.

But tonight was trouble. She got home, exhausted and frustrated. One of the guys she was messing with had a friend with him---a guy she did the same thing to the week before. He called her out--called her a slut. She got them kicked out of the bar and now, she was worried she might not be able to go back to that place.

There was a knock at the door. A guy had her purse and she opened the door---but it was a lie. She was rushed by those two men---chasing her around the room. Then, they had her on the floor and her fucking hell was about to begin.

They were relentless. Fingering her while the other guy held her down. Then, they had her on her knees and both were forcing there cocks into her mouth. She sucked them off as best she could. She was afraid to do anything other then comply. These guys looked pissed.

The put her over the coffee table and fucked her. Then on the bed--taking turn fucking her pussy and mouth.

Finally, she thought it was going to be over, but instead, after they both came inside her--they tied her up with duct tape and gagged her. They let her squirm for a while as they went off and tore apart her home.

Finally, the put her on her knees and it was another forced double blowjob eventually leading into both men filling her mouth with their cum.

Exhausted, she thought it was over, but that is when she noticed the rope and knew. Panic set it, but there was no time. It was around her neck and she was yanked up off the floor, into the air---feet kicking wildly as she was strangled.

The man then fell back with her on the bed, continuing to strangle her as the other man fingered her pussy. She struggled and fought very hard. Her body was a puddle of sweat, veins popping out, intense spasming, but after a while, she was still. Dead.

The man scooted out from under her corpse like she was a piece of garbage. And like trash, they picked her up to dump her far off in the woods for the animals to dine on.

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Summer Day (Ashley, Monicka, Juliette, Leilani)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Summer Day (Ashley, Monicka, Juliette, Leilani)

Peachy Keen Films (PKF) - Summer Day (Ashley, Monicka, Juliette, Leilani)

A crime has been committed. A murder in the forest. Several victims.
How did this summer day end so tragically.
Alex was impressed with himself. There he sat with 4 girls ogling him. He would get laid--he knew it.
But then, two guys showed up. He tried to talk to them, get them to leave his action. That is when he was shot, and his story ends.
The men had the four girls where they wanted them. In the middle of nowhere on a warm summer day. Bad things were going to happen.
The leader, the mouthy one, ordered the girls around. He made Monicka suck his cock and later had Juliette join in. The other guy, he was quiet...just took orders. Greg. Ashley and Leilani worked on him.
The girls figured it was all they wanted. Was it?
The sexual assault went on. The girls, sobbing, doing the best they could.
It was when Leilani ran off that things got ugly. She would be the first. When Greg brought her back, the garrote was quickly around her supple neck and she was murdered right there in front of the others. Their friend. Killed.
Now, they really started to panic. But, before anything, Monicka was next, standing up, she was strangled to death, then laid down by her friend.
Two girls left and it was not a moment before Ashley was being murdered. She fought--they all tried. But, in the end, she succumb to the lack of air. Dead.
One left.
She was the talker but did not do so good talking her way out of death. A garrote around her neck, struggle and death. Death to all the girls.
Now, what to do.
Simple. Fuck the corpses. Each took a girl and it ended in release and satisfaction.
A job well done on this hot summer day.
They left, leaving behind 5 bodies in the woods.

PKF Studios - I Fucked and Killed my Sister (Eva Rogue)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
PKF Studios - I Fucked and Killed my Sister (Eva Rogue)

PKF Studios - I Fucked and Killed my Sister (Eva Rogue)

My little sister is a bitch. We never got along. I was napping on the couch when she came in the room whining that I had not done my chores yet. I pretended to sleep.

So, she got up on me and acted like she was going to mess with my cock. She unzipped my pants, even pulled it out. I didn't thing she would, but she did--she put in in her mouth. That woke me up. But she was not done---she kept going and I kept quiet. My sister was a sexy piece of ass and I was not going to mess this up, no matter how I hated the little bitch.

Needless to say, passions took over. I had her out of her clothes in a moment and we were fucking like dogs in heat.

When it was over, I thought we had a "thing". Turns out, she was going to use "my" little indiscretion to get me kicked out of the house.

I was not going to let her do that, so I made a somewhat impulse decision and wrapped the strap of her bra around her neck and started strangling her. Once I started, I could not stop. The rage took over and I watch that little bitch squirm and buck as I strangled the crap outta her.

She was a fighter--being on color guard in school--she also played the tuba---that took a lot of muscle. Needless to say, it took a long time to kill her. And while I was killing her, she made all sorted of sexy hot strangling faces and spasmed her body, that I wanted to shove my cock right back in her. But, I stayed the course and finally, she was fucking dead.

I was spent and needed to go find mom and dad and tell them the news. They would not be happy, but I was their favorite son, so I figure she will end up in the back yard with a bag of lime and a new tree.

PKF Studios - Lost and Found (Solara)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
PKF Studios - Lost and Found (Solara)

PKF Studios - Lost and Found (Solara)

A student is separated from her classmates on a field trip. She tries to locate them with her cell phone but is cut up. Suddenly, a creepy man emerges from the foliage offering help. She decides to walk, then run away from him.
Thinking she lost him, she soon realizes he has found her. Before she can run, he wraps a thin leather garrote around her neck and pulls her up off the ground. He viciously strangle her as the kicks and fights. After a long struggle, the girl finally succumbs and is hanging limply. He lets her down to the dusty ground.
He takes him time, checking out the youthful female as he contemplates what to do with his catch.
He carries her out to the middle of his field, walking back and forth with her for a while.
She is now laying peacefully in a bed of clovers and he slowly crawls on her, mounting her--fucking her dead body. She, of course, does not resist.
Later, he puts her body up in his favorite tree and fucks her until he finishes, then lets her flop to the ground and leaves her.

PKF Studios - SchoolGirl Snuff Education Episode 3 (Brandy, Tessa, Soleil, Elizabeth, Ellorie, Nikki and Viva)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
PKF Studios - SchoolGirl Snuff Education Episode 3 (Brandy, Tessa, Soleil, Elizabeth, Ellorie, Nikki and Viva)

PKF Studios - SchoolGirl Snuff Education Episode 3 (Brandy, Tessa, Soleil, Elizabeth, Ellorie, Nikki and Viva)

All the deaths were in part 2. This is 38 minutes of necro bliss. This part would also make a great gift so buy now while supplies last.
7 dead girls sitting in their desks in a circle. One by one the guys pay attention to each.
Some girls get cocks rubbed on them and use the schoolgirls dead hand to stroke cock. Pussies and tits are rubbed.
Elizabeth gets a cock in her mouth and her pussy rubbed, then later, another cock in her mouth and some more rubbing.
Soleil takes a big cock and ends with cum on her face and tits.
Little Nikki gets some dick in her dead mouth.
Tessa loves cock and gets a mouthful as well as her pussy and tits rubbed.
Later, Brandy is laying on the desk, cock in her mouth. Then she is fucked and even later is fucked while giving a dead blow job. Both cream all over her.
Then Brandy is taken away and replaced by Tessa. She gets the same treatment, ending with loads of cum all over her dead face and pussy.
The boys are spent. They came (literally, the came all over), they saw, they attacked and torment---then they killed every last one. Finally, they fondled and fucked the dead schoolgirls until they were exhausted.

Until next time. Adieu.

PKF Studios - Schoolgirl Snuff Education Ep. 2 The Attack (Brandy, Tessa, Soleil, Elizabeth, Ellorie, Nikki and Viva)

Category: Snuff Fantasy
PKF Studios - Schoolgirl Snuff Education Ep. 2 The Attack (Brandy, Tessa, Soleil, Elizabeth, Ellorie, Nikki and Viva)

PKF Studios - Schoolgirl Snuff Education Ep. 2 The Attack (Brandy, Tessa, Soleil, Elizabeth, Ellorie, Nikki and Viva)

Two men walk into the room full of hot schoolgirls and a pretty nurse. All of them were making out with each other as part of their sex education class.
The men broke it up, then started tormenting the class of students.
The first, gathered all the cell phones, then made Nurse Cunthaven stand with her nose touching the chalkboard.
They spend time with every girl, threatening them with guns, then rubbing them in inappropriate ways through their thin or shear fabric of their uniforms.
Eventually, they started playing with the Nurse, but in a panic she tried to run and caught two slugs in her back. She went down, flipped on her back and was screaming in agony. The man went over and finished her off with a few more shots into her torso. As she expired, she urinated all over the floor.
The class was stunned at their teachers death. So, they instantly decided to kill off each girl. They grabbed little Nikki and started to make her stand up against the wall. She was scared, but then they gave her a reprieve and made her sit on the desk. She was relieved, only to be suddenly shot dead with three shots to her breast. She was alive for a moment longer with shallow breaths and a surprised, scared look, then died, letting her bladder go.