Psycho-Thrillers (PST) Pick-pocket, pick death

Category: Snuff Fantasy
Psycho-Thrillers (PST) Pick-pocket, pick death

Psycho-Thrillers (PST) Pick-pocket, pick death

Ashley Fires plays a professional thief who finally meets her match. Sitting at a high-end Beverly Hills café, she spots her latest mark, a young man seemingly too pre-occupied to know that his carry bag was being targeted for a theft. When he leaves to go to the bathroom, she decides to strike, quietly sneaking over and snatching his wallet and cell phones before leaving the scene. The man returns in time to notice important items are missing, then the hunt is on.

As she walks through a quick-escape alleyway laughing and gloating, he catches up to her and grabs her attention. Ashley spins around, shocked she has been discovered. As he approaches, she decides to pull out her gun and points it at him. Feeling confident she will get him to back off she taunts him, insults him then decides she can shoot him and leave him for dead since no one is coming. Just as she decides to squeeze the trigger, he reverses her fortune by quickly snatching the gun away and pointing it back at her.

Stunned, she decides to use the ultimate weapon to subdue him, her body. She makes a proposition that suggests he can have her right there. As she strip teases for him he lowers his guard and throws her gun behind him but she is premature. She tries to run past him to the gun but he grabs her. She then tries to deliver a round house right to the jaw but misses. Angry that she thought he would be so gullible, he spins her around and forces her bra up around her throat.

He begins to strangle her and they both fall to the ground, Ashley struggling and fighting on top of him. As he pulls for dear life he can hear her boots desperately scrapping the ground and the wall as she looks for a way out. He strangles her for over 5 minutes before he brings her under control, hoping no one has spotted them. Ashley is suddenly still with exception of some tongue or eye fluttering. He rolls her off of him roughly and catches his breath as he looks at her face to make sure she’s dead. He decides to drag her out of view to a nearby private parking garage where he can have some fun.

He strips away her clothing and enjoys her the way a woman is meant to be enjoyed. He worships her feet and sucks on her toes, he kisses her large breasts until his cock is hard and eats her pussy. Soon he is plunging inside her tight pussy and fucking her on the cold concrete. After minutes he rapes her from behind, her body jerking like a rag doll until he pulls out of her and climaxes all over her backside. She lays her down and pans her body as he catches his breath then dresses. H picks up his phone and resumes his conversation with a friend he’s supposed to meet as he walks by Ashley’s dead body.